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So - here you are.

Possibly reading for the howmanyethtime about some smartypants who has a "business opportunity" for you.

You remain hopeful, but in the back of your mind you are wondering whether this is going to be another scam, dead-end street or just plain rubbish. You know that you will only find out as you plod through the content lying ahead.

How do I know this? I know because I have traveled the exact same road over the past 30 years or so even though my specific circumstances may have been somewhat different.

From time to time, I will share more about my life story. If I bore you at any point, feel free to move onto whatever the next section is where the meat and potatoes are, but if we are to travel this road together then it will be an advantage to know something about me. More importantly - I believe that you will identify with, and learn from, my story. If not, then I might not be the guy to help you.

I will share more detail later, but in a nutshell this is what my financial life graph looks like.

Points to take away:

  1. I had a "normal" slow growth in the workplace over the years.
  2. It improved somewhat when I started with my own businesses
  3. Then I hit crash and burn twice. In 1999 and again in 2006. These were great learning curves. The school of hard knocks teaches you real survival skills.
  4. I have not only survived - but prospered

This process of learning to survive is what real life is about.

I will be sharing not only skillsets with you, but I will be adding REAL earning opportunities for you to consider. I will also teach you how to sell your own skills.

What you do with the above is up to you.

While some of these opportunities will be relatively "easy",something I need to share upfront with you is that I have rarely seen or encountered an easy meal ticket. For me, everything has been a question of relatively hard work, patience and biggest of all - persistence. Are you willing to pay the price of success?

While at one stage I was working a jackhammer for 10 hours a day at under minimum wage just to put bread on the table - it does not mean everything is so hard or difficult. But it does take effort and action. I ask again - are you willing to pay the price of success?

So, shall we move on to the main section with all the goodies?

Simply sign up for this "Course" - and start applying yourself.

Warm regards

- Connie Muller

Your Instructor

Connie Muller
Connie Muller

Connie Muller works fulltime in a family based business Burst Digital which is a digital agency with a strong training division.

From 2000 to 2015 he served in a corporate environment with 6 different companies.

The last position he held before he returned to the family business was National Sales Manager and in 2012 was responsible for four regional managers, 183 branch managers, and over 400 sales consultants.

His key responsibilities were on achieving sales results but his focus was on ensuring the people responsible for the results understood their job, the processes involved and to give them responsibility for self-improvement.

Connie understands that results come from people, so it is the people that he focuses on first and foremost. He knows this because he has been in business since 1981 and brings a wide range of experiences to the table from a wide range of business types, from small and large corporations to online business building.

His first foray into business was the family company in 1981. This was a business that provided building materials, household hardware, clothing and fast moving consumer goods. During his time working in that business he learned enough to take the next step.

In 1993 he launched his own business. With the business he taught subjects such as teaching schools how to use computers as teacher aides to students from nursery age to adult students. He expanded that business to include training for electronic stores, cellphone retailers and other business types. During this period he grew the business to provide training to the local NGO authority to teach local entrepreneurs how to start a business and learn to maintain it beyond the initial first few years.

In 1998 Connie began trading on the commodity futures exchanges in Chicago. During the next couple of years he expanded and diversified into forex, stocks and CFDs.

Although he enjoyed trading, he found his true calling was in training and working with people. So in 2000 he became involved in building sales team. Rather than focus on one industry, he focused on the sales process and the people involved with it. This led to training in various environments and business types, although his initial focus was the financial sector, he spread out to other sectors quickly.

During his time of training he developed a philosophy that followed the principles of “people, profits and productivity". It was obvious that if the first focus was on the people and only the people, the profit and productivity took care of themselves.

In 2006 he began developing his skills in the online world and worked with online start-ups, web mastery and web design. This is something he did on a part time basis but in recent years has started to put a lot more effort into the online form on business ownership.

At this point in time, Connie is still focused on the principle of teaching and training people in sales, sales management and building businesses online and offline. As a secondary focus he acts as a life coach to people who want to master themselves and find their own direction for the future.

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